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Send us your stuff ! AdKrispies will be delighted to present your agency's ads with full credit, because it is thanks to people like you that we're able to keep going. Whether you're from Guatemala, America, Canada, CentralAmerica, SouthAmerica, España, or a country that doesn't finish in "a", WE WANT TO SEE YOUR STUFF. YOUR ADS. YOUR IDEAS. Envíenos sus anuncios. Schicken Sie uns Ihre Werbungen. Emita-nos seus comerciais. Envoyez-nous vos pubs ! (Thank GOD for Altavista).

Just click on this link to reach my direct email. Get on AdKrispies! If it's good enough for your clients, it's good enough for the real world.

(Hahah, I don't know if I should've said that).

Thank you.

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IT'S FRIDAY: Channel Frederator (0)

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I cannot say enough good about Channel Frederator. I've just discovered them recently as I was (patiently) browsing the net on my PSP.

Channel Frederator is actually a Cartoon Blog that's updated every tuesday. It's made by the people, for the people: People like you and me (but also professional studios) send in animation shorts, and 4 or 5 of them are featured on every episode. The short movies feature different techniques, from high-tech digital stuff to very simple doodles. The episodes watch themselves in a breeze.

Frederator has acquired an incredible amount of popularity on the web, they have a huge and very faithful fanbase, and that's all simply because it's fun to watch cartoons.

You can download them directly to your PSP, with the RSS feature. If you have a PSP, all you need to do is to head to, and click on "Subscribe via RSS". (as you may see, you can also click here, but I wanted you to visit their site). Doing so will add an RSS link to your bank, from which you'll have access to all 50 episodes.

Of course, you can do it on your PC as well, but it's not as much fun as to watch your cartoons in bed with your PSP :)

Here's a sample cartoon from Frederator Episode #8, something that'll stay in your head forever. Song from Australian band TISM. Enjoy.

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Aral Helmets (0)

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Very effective (poster ads?) for Aral Helmets, making the roads unbelievably safer for all of us biking types. (Thanks, Twenty Four!)

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Energizer (0)

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Maybe you can't see the picture well, so let me explain: The kid is able to be flying on an little RC plane, because the energizer batteries are so powerful. Simple, and effective.
Agency unknown, sorry.

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Prepare For A Shock. (0)

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You should, because I had one.

Ready? Okay. Here are car ads. For the Mercedes Smart. That actually show a *price*, AND a *simple, decent concept* ! AT THE SAME TIME! And...oh God. What? THREE TV ads to accompany that? You mean that the Smart Car Dealers Association got together and agreed on a full-fledged conceptual, intelligent campaign? My God. "I must be 'shrooming". Bravo. Encore.

No wonder they're called Smart. And that also applies to their agency, Contrapunto, Madrid! ¡Bravo amigos! ¡Si solamente los vendedores de coche canadienses podían hacer lo mismo!* suspiro * (Thanks, AdArena!)

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I usually like the TV commercials that ING's agency produces (while I couldn't get a hold of their name) - I think they're always very pertinent, believable, and well executed. Actually, I think most of ING's communication is a lot more pertinent and inviting than most banks (in Canada anyways), and I still don't understand why banks haven't thought of a way to competition such a consumer-worthy system.

Much has to be said in the same way, about their viral site, MoveOutMoveUp. The site's main proposition is to present "buying your first home" as something that's possible, and accessible.

Wow. Something that actually. Concerns. The consumer. No time wasted on trying to con the consumer with "Ooo, ahh, we have a human approach to banking" people pictorials this time.

Just one. Simple. Reality. "Paying rent isn't just getting old, it's getting expensive". Hello. Now THAT speaks to me, mr. early-thirties-guy-with-not-enough-savings-or-balls-for-a-decent-down-payment yet. But as always, ING uses its authentic, bullshitless communication strategy to convince me that there's a solution for that. And this solution is displayed inside an entertaining and clear experience. Now that is effective advertising, plain and simple.

I'll stop gabbing now, but promise you'll check out the ING site. It's worth the trip (Thanks, Ihaveanidea!)

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