If you guys don't know it yet, the most loved and awaited PS3 will hit the stores across North America on November 17. A teaser campaign has recently begun, titled "Play B3yond", which is currently hitting the NYC (corner LaFayettte and Bond).

Also, you can already feast your eyes on the recently released commercial for this upcoming launch, now available on AdKrispies. Featured soundtrack is An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno. The commercial is once again the work of crazy awesome agency McKinney + Silver. I bow in your general direction. Need kickass partners in Canada? Write me. Hehe. Shameless plug.

Ps3 coming. Better get those sleeping bags ready in front of your local electronics store now.

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BORED? (0)

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Try this convenient, browser-sized Sonic The Hedgehog. Live from AdKrispies for your procrastinating pleasure. (Note: I know, last game sucked. This is much better).

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Save The Piggie! (0)

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My name is Red.

I'm a pig.

Recently I had a supporting role in a television commercial for a major international cellular telephone provider.The commercial was directed by the Perlorian Brothers and written by Mother NY.

Everyone was very nice to me, and I think I did a pretty decent job for my first time on set, but I've since learned that I'm scheduled to be slaughtered in a week.This is not good for an actor's career. I knew it was a non-union job and the residuals weren't anything to get excited about,but I wasn't expecting to be hung by my foot and have my throat slit.

Fortunately, my new friends at Reginald Pike, Toronto, Biscuit, L.A., and Mother are working to find me a new home at a petting zoo (despite all this, I love humans).

You can help me too by getting a limited edition t-shirt with my picture on it at


They're only $20 and proceeds go to my care and feeding.

Please Help.

NOTE: While it's quite unclear where to get the T-Shirts on the Reginald Pike web site, get more info from Glossy's Blog here.

(Thanks Annick!)

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Stella Artois: Le Defi (0)

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Stella Artois is history. History in its making, and also history in the making. Pretty much the same can be said about their commercials, which never fail to communicate emotion and then instantly pinch you with a subtle bit of humor.

And now, this. This, my friends, is the best advertising/web experience that could ever be produced for Stella Artois. It sticks to brand personality like a baby to a teat, or a man and his beer. It is called "Le Défi" (french for ze challenge). And it's from Canada! Yay.

What it is: Stella Artois once again draws the consumer within a strange universe, this time on the worldwide web.

You - and a friend whom you might challenge - will have to unravel the secrets behind a mechanical contraption, some sort of gauntlet. There are many challenges to take part in, all of which require quick thinking - as time of the essence. To the victor, a chalice of Stella Artois, paid by the loser. Of course its all a tacit bet, but still an interesting one. The whole ensemble is well narrated by a mysterious voice, and the overall "steam era" look and feel is quite a success.

The whole campaign was devised by Stella's Canadian agency Lowe Roche Toronto, whom haven't feared to put top dollar for their accompanying ambient outdoor media (thanks to Glossy for the pictures):

This is the kind of experience that should be lesson 101 in contemporary branding for announcers. Create a plausible universe for a brand, and bring the consumer to experience it. Nothing new, of course. I just don't see it applied everywhere so effectively.
This is just stunning, and certainly generates a lot of word of mouth. (Thanks, Glossy!)

To try the Défi for yourself, click here.

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Ah, scotch and ads, two of the world's greatest time wasters. Now, look at this fantastic spot from BBH London, of course quite inspired by Philip K. Dick's novel "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?" and the not-so-recent Spielberg "A.I.". Great references, and great use of these references. I feel that the proposition is new, the direction (Dante Ariola) quite eminent and message, to the point. Indeed, keep walking.

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Sony Bravia: Paint (0)

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You've all been expecting it furiously, and most probably, you've all already seen it. Nevertheless, I would put shame to this blog if I didn't feature Sony's latest Bravia commercial: Paint. A few months ago, I had an entry about the making of of this fantastic piece of work, but now it's finally out in full splendor.

And I'm a little bit disappointed.

While the previous "balls" ad was awe-inspiring with its delicate and supple soundtrack, its tranquil strength visuals, this one is kind of a let down. Now don't get me wrong, I think it still is an incredible visual achievement. Yet I cannot do anything but agree with my colleague Barry Lachapelle from Enter The Chapel : the one major flaw of the ad is the soundtrack. That music has been overused for everything. From TV-Station candid camera breaks to industrial machine ballets, you. have. heard. it. everywhere. I believe it's Strauss.

With the previous track on the "Balls" spot, the world discovered the music of Swedish-Argentinian José Gonzalez. But everyone knows Strauss. Genius, of course, but way waaaay overheard. Come on, Fallon and Tonic!! You should've taken your time, and found another inspired and chilling soundtrack. You can't work so long, so hard, and not make this absolutely perfect. Change it. Do a special edition with better music. It's still time.

This being said, congrats. Great production value, great color, indeed it's a good spot (*coughballswasbettercough*).

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