If you guys don't know it yet, the most loved and awaited PS3 will hit the stores across North America on November 17. A teaser campaign has recently begun, titled "Play B3yond", which is currently hitting the NYC (corner LaFayettte and Bond).

Also, you can already feast your eyes on the recently released commercial for this upcoming launch, now available on AdKrispies. Featured soundtrack is An Ending (Ascent) by Brian Eno. The commercial is once again the work of crazy awesome agency McKinney + Silver. I bow in your general direction. Need kickass partners in Canada? Write me. Hehe. Shameless plug.

Ps3 coming. Better get those sleeping bags ready in front of your local electronics store now.

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3 Reply to "Sony Playstation 3: The Wait Is Over"

Clay Bethelbridge on 11:40 am

Great Krispies blog with great pics.


David Claude on 11:42 am

Thanks, my friend! Much appreciated.


Anonymous on 12:53 am

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