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You've all been expecting it furiously, and most probably, you've all already seen it. Nevertheless, I would put shame to this blog if I didn't feature Sony's latest Bravia commercial: Paint. A few months ago, I had an entry about the making of of this fantastic piece of work, but now it's finally out in full splendor.

And I'm a little bit disappointed.

While the previous "balls" ad was awe-inspiring with its delicate and supple soundtrack, its tranquil strength visuals, this one is kind of a let down. Now don't get me wrong, I think it still is an incredible visual achievement. Yet I cannot do anything but agree with my colleague Barry Lachapelle from Enter The Chapel : the one major flaw of the ad is the soundtrack. That music has been overused for everything. From TV-Station candid camera breaks to industrial machine ballets, you. have. heard. it. everywhere. I believe it's Strauss.

With the previous track on the "Balls" spot, the world discovered the music of Swedish-Argentinian José Gonzalez. But everyone knows Strauss. Genius, of course, but way waaaay overheard. Come on, Fallon and Tonic!! You should've taken your time, and found another inspired and chilling soundtrack. You can't work so long, so hard, and not make this absolutely perfect. Change it. Do a special edition with better music. It's still time.

This being said, congrats. Great production value, great color, indeed it's a good spot (*coughballswasbettercough*).

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