Did you know that menstruation exists also in the male species ? Yes, friends. It does. I swear.
If it didn't, why would they even call it "MENstruation"? Hello. If only women had it, it would be called "womanstruation", this cries for logic. Lots of men actually experience it, and suffer secludedly, crying in shame in the silence of their homes.

It's called "Cyclical Non-Uterine Dysmenorrhea" or CNUD. The gassy feeling, the tummy hurting, the pouty feeling, the weewee shrinking, the abandonment of regular activites such as drinking beer on poker night, washing your car, or playing with your tools. You think you have it? Don't know where to look for answers?

There is help.

Dr. Gerhardt Fardel, leading researcher in CNUD, has put together the fantastic site Men With Cramps, storefront website of the MacInnes-Porritt institute.

Among others on the site, you will find the most hilarious videos ever made for this absolutely ridiculous illness. I don't know who is behind Men With Cramps, or why it's even there, but I heard they even ran ads in the local Washington paper for men with "CNUD" looking to participate in a study. The point is: These guys had the whole web fooled.

This is not a joke. It's a real class in the school of "How Do To Real Working Viral" 101.

And not without reason: The whole writing is subtly off. If you lacked attention, or read a paragraph in "Z", you would think this is for real. The TV documentaries are just brilliantly odd and hilarious. Watch them all. For your comfort, I've added a few of them on the AdKrispies site, but you have to see the main "Men With Cramps" website, for the rest of the best. It's worth your time.

I don't know if this is a teaser for something else, but I'm impatiently waiting.

(Thanks, Annick from Moskito!)

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HAPPY MONDAY: Sundown (0)

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The copy reads: "Life revolves around the sun. Use Sundown."

Wait, wait, wait. Don't you think that imperative in advertising is something that's obsolete? "Use" our products. "Do" this. "Eat" that. This belongs to another generation­. Motivative advertising has long been dead and buried. This generation would probably like to read "Sundown. Life revolves around the sun", or better yet the simpler "Life revolves around the sun".

But hey. Judging from position of said title addition, and slightly smaller size, I'm sure of this:

This being said, great photography from PLATINUM, FMD - these guys are amazing.

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HAPPY MONDAY: Taft Extra-Strong Gel (0)

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As the product is targeted towards teenagers, must we believe that there's a second level of understanding? I'm probably the only one to get there, anyway. Agency unknown. (Thanks, BriefBlog!)

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