Leaked Superbowl commercial for Nationwide featuring Britney's ex, Kevin Federline. For all you 14 year-old groupies out there eager to get some pre-superbowl Fed-Ex action. Fed-Ex. Ahaha. I kill myself.

(Thanks Annick from Moskito!)

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Awesome Knife Holder! 1

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 by , under ,

Spreaking of old boyfriends, check out this great knife holder called "The Ex". Now available at ThinkGeek.

(Thanks, Japanese Gadgets!)

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Inlingua: learn French (0)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 by , under , , , ,

My God. That is so simple, my self-esteem is hurting. I'm going to die of acute simplicity.
From agency LGF Belgium.

(Thanks, Ziritione!)

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Volks Original Parts (0)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 by , under

Ain't sure those parts came from a genuine german 'hood? Y'all gotta be kiddin'.

From DDB Berlin. Production company: Mob Film.
(Thanks, AdCritic!)

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Can your hands do this? (0)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 by , under , ,

I'll bet they can't! But then again, some people have a lot of talents on hand. Hahaha, on hand. Get it? Wheee, good times.

(Ahh, it used to be champagne, women and awards. Now it's beer, the old lady and youtube).

Great visual work for Volkswagen by the good people at Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur, Hamburg, Germany. Production company: Deli pictures postproduction. Personally, I would've pushed this further to have the hands to something that's more in relation to the car universe - right now the concept feels a bit gratuitous, a bit slapped over the brand, a bit borrowed-from-other-interests-to-promote-my-own. You get my point.

(Thanks Luc, at leblogdelagence!)

Feel a bit disappointed by the ending? It's okay, same here. To relieve you and make you happy again, check out this other beautiful thing entirely done by hand. You will thank me.

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TBWA Rampage! (0)

Tuesday, January 30, 2007 by , under , ,

Check out how Chuck McBride (ex-TBWA/Chiat/Day creative director) lets everyone know he's clearly leaving his agency "to go on future endeavors". Nice work, Chucky.

Warning: This movie contains scenes of umm, of nature. Yea. Call your parents before viewing to see if it's okay.

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IPhone Commercial (0)

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by , under , , , ,

...as featured on Conan O'Brien's show. Crazy Conan. "It's sideburns". Exactly. I love you, man.

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Old Spice feat. Bruce Campbell. (0)

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by , under , , ,

From the very respectable brains at Wieden+Kennedy Portland. And it has Bruce Campbell. But who is Bruce Campbell, might you ask? "Hark!", I retork. You don't know Bruce Campbell? That's quite alright. I had no idea either. But now that I know, it all makes sense. And knowing is half the battle! Bruce Campbell (a-real-ame-rican herooooo!)

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Coca-Cola: Birdman 1

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by , under , , , , ,

Nice Coca-Cola ad presenting once again the Coke Side of Things, this time with a view on celebrating difference. From agency Santo Buenos Aires and production company Stink.

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The Incredible Writing Automaton (0)

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by , under , ,

I just had to show this to you, folks, as I find it truly amazing: a fully-functional, quill-writing automaton dating from the 18th century -- 1772, to be precise.

Two small keys are used to wind-up the automaton which, once started, can write any pre-programmed sentence upon a velin sheet. It dips its feather in the inkwell, shakes it twice with incredible human-like movement, and actually forms letters better than I could using a quill. His eyes actually follow what is being written, and his head turns as he dips the quill again.

From fogozanos.blogspot.com: "The Writer is able to write any custom text up to 40 letters long. The text is coded on a wheel where characters are selected one by one. According to Wikipedia, some authors explain that this automaton is a forerunner of the computers. This statement is certainly justified since the machine is composed of a "program" and a "memory". The "program" is a wheel which makes it possible to choose the words the android is to write, and the "memory", which is made up by a set of cams, make it possible to form the letters. However, other authors think The Writer works more like a music box than like a computer."

Amazing. (Thanks, Boingboing and Fogozanos!)

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Goodbye television, hello Joost! 1

Thursday, January 18, 2007 by , under , , , ,

I don't know if any of you have been following the first few steps of The Venice Project? An ambitious endeavor started by Skype creators Niklas Zennstrom and Janus Friis, which consists in having the best of Internet meet the best of TV: Broadband internet television. Well, it's now called Joost (tm). Sort of a YouTube, but with actual programs and user-generated shows, instead of snippets of curiosities. MTV might be on there with special shows, as much as any regular joe wishing to have his own basement show in there.

Blogging has made "print" publishing accessible to the mass, Joost will make TV publishing accessible to the mass. Let me tell you: this is the next holyland for advertising.

Check out the Joost website! They're looking for people to beta test the thing. Wanna try it before everone else? Apply now!

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My Dad's birthday (0)

Wednesday, January 17, 2007 by , under , ,

Last january 10th was my dad's 75th birthday. I thought I'd surprise him with a painting I did of him, when he was 25. Hey, it's not perfect, but I put enough care and detail to make sure I could recognize him everytime I saw the painting. I'm glad I did this - my dad has had this incredible life, and I think this small trinket of appreciation is the least I could do to honor him

while he's still alive.

His life could be this incredible movie. To shortly tell you about it, Paul Claude was born in 1932. He used to be a christian priest in Haiti until he was taken prisoner by Duvalier at Fort Mercredi, along with other priest prisoners, who were killed. He was exiled to France. He then traveled for quite a few years across France, Germany, Austria, (probably more) and Rome - where he went to university (4 years at the Vatican, in Latin only). Later on in his life he came to Quebec City, where he met my mother. He then defroked to marry her, and they had me a year later. In 1985 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a fist. It took over 2 years and 12 brain surgeries to get rid of it - it was still done by hand at the time. This left him paralyzed on his entire right side. The man who had two doctor's degrees in Egyptology and Theology, spoke 7 languages including latin and greek, teached philosphy in college and researched for the Nag Hammadi library, barely could speak his native language (french) anymore. The doctors had said he would never walk again, and would have a difficult time re-integrating society. My mother helped him a lot through the whole ordeal, visiting him everyday at the hospital while raising me alone and doing all she could to get more money.
Well, with an iron will and much support from caring people and us, he decided he would walk again, and so he did. He learned to speak well again, so well that he even took back his place as philosophy professor, and researcher. He later retired and since then has developped the hobby of drawing, with his left hand (he used to be a rightie), doing portraits with a style of his own. I'm working on creating this web gallery for him, so he can sell his drawings on there. I'll show some on here later on.

Until now, he's had a total of 12 brain operations, and 7 post-operation fix-up surgeries, over a total of 20 years or so. My mom has been with him all the way. So have I.
Needless to say, my parents are my heroes.

Only 25, and his whole life ahead of him.

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Spiders On Drugs (0)

Friday, January 05, 2007 by , under , ,

You won't see this one coming. At all. Made by a director called First Church Of Christ, whose web site you absolutely need to see. I swear. The man is so precious he has requested that movie embedding be disabled -- it's that good, folks. I have new found respect for the guy. First Church, my man, let me know when you have some new stuff. (Thanks, Annick from Moskito!)

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Advergaming Company: the WM Team (0)

Friday, January 05, 2007 by , under , , ,

Check out Hannover-based advergaming company WMTeam's new website. Super-entertaining intro, super-entertaining website design. This wins the AdKrispies web award for today. Hmm. Maybe this is something I should actually make. *slaps fist in hand* Holy good idea, Dave! (Thanks, Dirk Schuetze!)

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Skittles: Trade (0)

Friday, January 05, 2007 by , under , , , ,

I wet myself. Congrats TBWA/Chiat/Day, you owe me a new pair of pants. And no, they can't be virtual pants.

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Stuck In The Holidays Special: Chunky Pam (0)

Friday, January 05, 2007 by , under , , , ,

Here's MTV's xmas card, and if you haven't seen it during the holidays - you just gotta. Directed by Lena Beug and written by Geremy Jasper, "Chunky Pam" (aka Margaret Thrasher from the Gotham Girls Roller Derby) is da next ghetto thang in North Pole hood. Word.

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Stena Line: Free Travel For Grown-UPs (0)

Thursday, January 04, 2007 by , under , , , ,

Stena Line is a swedish travel company that offers free travel for parents when accompanied by their kids. Now that's a novelty. Created by DDB Oslo, this campaign has recently won at the EPICA awards. If you asked me, I'd give the award to the client, for coming up with such an insightful marketing strategy. But still the creative is well executed, and says what has to be said. (Thanks, AdArena!)

Gimme a company that produces jock straps for dogs and see what I come up with.

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Grolsch: One Green Bottle (0)

Thursday, January 04, 2007 by , under , , ,

Grolsch ad inspired from the One Red Paperclip story. Kinda funny, kinda entertaining story. But from an advertiser point of view, I can't help but think that the more things go, the more this kind of TV spot is bound to disappear. It's a 30-sec movie, which will spark little or no discussion ("Hey, seen the latest Grolsch spot?" "Yeah." "Cool, huh?" "S'alright." And that'll be the end of that) and whose return on investment is measured in the number of views. Getting old, announcers? Are you moving more product? Are you really getting all the brand equity you're entitled to? Who knows. Try going further next time.

(Thanks, Adverblog!)

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Belgium Government: Anti-Smoking Ad (0)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 by , under , , ,

An ad created for the Belgian Government by (unknown agency? credits please), in order to promote the upcoming and much debated interdiction of smoking in restaurants.

I just wanna say, we've done it in Canada across all restaurants and clubs. Man, is it ever great not have an old crispy smoke her pack of extra-strong Gauloises next to your fading enjoyment of an osso bucco.

Publicité anti tabac belge
Uploaded by solaro

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So good. A spoof of the Dove film which leaves us with the message: "Thank God our perception of reality is distorted." Wow. I love these guys.

Go check out their website titled www.campaignagainstreallife.com - which actually brings you to TuffSheet.com, some sort of spoof site, where you can post spoofs. Bah. I wished they pushed it further a bit, but hey - it's already funny as is.

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SN Brussels Airlines: Happy New Year 1

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 by , under , , ,

Either they're showing us their different destinations and made it look like fireworks, or it's a plane blowing up somewhere near Northern France.

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Happy New Year 2007! (0)

Wednesday, January 03, 2007 by , under

Whippeeeee. It's that first week of the year, when everything looks and feels new, but actually isn't. It's all about these first few days when, just like you were awakening from a long coma, you do your first steps back into your office and wonder where the f**k did holiday vacations went. You sit down in front of your computer, check your email, and see all these last-minute, december-23rd desperate requests from crazed execs who would lose their heads if you didn't do anything about it. Bah. Everybody in the office goes around exchanging new year wishes, kissing, and possibly spreading remnants of gastro. Yay! And lo! Martha from accounting brought some half-frozen fruitcakes with glassy-looking glazing on top. Mmm. These will be great with your morning coffee, your first "how come you forgot?" rush of the year, and your first glance at AdKrispies.

Welcome back, you office superheroes.

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