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Whippeeeee. It's that first week of the year, when everything looks and feels new, but actually isn't. It's all about these first few days when, just like you were awakening from a long coma, you do your first steps back into your office and wonder where the f**k did holiday vacations went. You sit down in front of your computer, check your email, and see all these last-minute, december-23rd desperate requests from crazed execs who would lose their heads if you didn't do anything about it. Bah. Everybody in the office goes around exchanging new year wishes, kissing, and possibly spreading remnants of gastro. Yay! And lo! Martha from accounting brought some half-frozen fruitcakes with glassy-looking glazing on top. Mmm. These will be great with your morning coffee, your first "how come you forgot?" rush of the year, and your first glance at AdKrispies.

Welcome back, you office superheroes.

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