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Today is the live launch of the France 24 website, the internet ambassador of persistent worldwide information channel France 24 - aimed at concurrencing CNN on worldwide news. To celebrate the event, you may watch the channel exclusively on the website today.

Click here to head to France 24 website now.

French President Jacques Chirac saluted the launch of France 24 yesterday, saying that "France should have its own regard on the world, and broadcast it", while affirming that the channel would be totally independent. France 24 will be broadcasted on cable, satellite, but also ADSL in Europe, Near-Orient and Middle-Orient, Africa, New York and Washington.

Finally, someone did something about the CNN monopoly. Considering the much awaited need for a second (and probably less biased) worldwide information channel, I think this launch will be a complete success.

Check out France 24's latest TV spots.

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Solid webfilm for Adidas by agency 180 Amsterdam and production company Nexus productions London. "What is football to me?" Just good stuff, my friends, juuuust goooood stuff. (Thanks, AdCritic!)

And just for kicks, here's a previous commercial from 180 Amsterdam and animation house 1st Avenue Machine, which I thought was just awesome.

Much respect goes to Beethoven for coming up with such a fantastic tune to put inside ads. That guy truly was a visionnary /sarcasm.

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Lazy TeeVee Day! Axe - Rolling (0)

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Down the slope for excess of grope - Bartle Bogle Hegarty NYC hits the spot again for Axe. Production company: Partizan.

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Lazy TeeVee Day! Centraal Beheer (0)

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Hilariously smart commercial for Centraal Beheer insurance company. By agency DDB Amsterdam, and production company Czar/Outsider.

The super at the end says "Just call us".

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