Fantastic production values on this ad for Melbourne city, featuring a man and his imaginary guide going through a romp in Melbourne. By George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, with director Steve Rogers and production house Revolver Films. (Thanks, Best Ads On Tv!)

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Friday Tee-Vee Fun: MTV Uk (0)

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"Happy family go Happymart". MTV UK's latest in-house trip to promote their most excellent existence. Crazy as always. You gotta love 'em. Produced by Colonel Blimp/Independent Films, Sydney. (Thanks, Best Ads On TV!)

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Friday TeeVee Fun: Pronto Condoms (0)

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"I am just so super-quick". WOW! A South African commerical for Pronto condoms.

For those of you on whom the irony might be lost, you must know that this spot refers to Jacob Zuma, the next would-be African president and highly debated political figure in the African media. This man whom, while being tried of rape and unprotected sex with his HIV-infected accuser, claimed to the court that he took a shower afterwards to cut the risk of contracting HIV.

More on moron, at Wikipedia.

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Friday Tee-Vee Fun: Birthday Boy (0)

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A brilliant and compelling animated short by director Sejong Park, Birthday Boy presents the korean war, viewed from the perspective of a young boy named Manuk, as he is playing in the streets of his local town. This short was nominated for an Oscar in 2005, and was awarded at SIGGRAPH 2004 and BAFTA in 2005. (Thanks, Llamame Lola!)

Sejong Park - Birthday Boy
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Friday Tee-Vee Fun: Valio Yogurt (0)

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Valio Yogurt: for a longer life. Funnay idea, great execution. From Leo Burnett, Finland. (Thanks, I believe in adv!)

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PS3 Launch Day Fever! (0)

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Finally, the big day is here. At last, many store campers who have been out in the wild, unhospitable streets of many North American cities will get their magic toy-toy: The Playstation 3. You can't do anything but be amazed at how powerful video games have become on the entertainment market, since only 20 years : an exponential uprising that's actually beating Hollywood, and rivaling the adult film industry - (sadly) two of the biggest luxury good consumer hogs.

Sony reportedly put on a big show in San Francisco, with a series of events leading to the first sale at midnight sharp, PST. From Gamespot: "At 8:15 p.m., a San Francisco Police Department SUV pulled up in front of the store on the partially blocked Fourth Street, sirens blaring. An officer jumped out, ostensibly due to a noise complaint, and ordered the DJ outside to stop spinning old-school hip-hop at high volume. Once the beats had receded, two SFPD motorcycle patrolmen pulled up Minna Street, followed by a trio of black SUVs.
The PS3 cometh!

Sony puts on a big show for the PS3's "arrival." Download on Gamespot.

The three SUVs screeched to a halt in near unison, blocking the width of Fourth Street. A dozen-odd security guards in crisp suits piled out, talking into palm-held microphones like those used by the US Secret Service. But while they looked like the president's bodyguards, the phalanx of agents weren't protecting a head of state. Instead they fanned out to protect the arrival of a large silver semi truck, which pulled up inside the protected perimeter.

And you can guess what's in there. That was only the start of what I think will be the biggest premiere of any tech gadget launched since the telephone.

Get the full story, and other PS3 launch news at Gamespot

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