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Finally, the big day is here. At last, many store campers who have been out in the wild, unhospitable streets of many North American cities will get their magic toy-toy: The Playstation 3. You can't do anything but be amazed at how powerful video games have become on the entertainment market, since only 20 years : an exponential uprising that's actually beating Hollywood, and rivaling the adult film industry - (sadly) two of the biggest luxury good consumer hogs.

Sony reportedly put on a big show in San Francisco, with a series of events leading to the first sale at midnight sharp, PST. From Gamespot: "At 8:15 p.m., a San Francisco Police Department SUV pulled up in front of the store on the partially blocked Fourth Street, sirens blaring. An officer jumped out, ostensibly due to a noise complaint, and ordered the DJ outside to stop spinning old-school hip-hop at high volume. Once the beats had receded, two SFPD motorcycle patrolmen pulled up Minna Street, followed by a trio of black SUVs.
The PS3 cometh!

Sony puts on a big show for the PS3's "arrival." Download on Gamespot.

The three SUVs screeched to a halt in near unison, blocking the width of Fourth Street. A dozen-odd security guards in crisp suits piled out, talking into palm-held microphones like those used by the US Secret Service. But while they looked like the president's bodyguards, the phalanx of agents weren't protecting a head of state. Instead they fanned out to protect the arrival of a large silver semi truck, which pulled up inside the protected perimeter.

And you can guess what's in there. That was only the start of what I think will be the biggest premiere of any tech gadget launched since the telephone.

Get the full story, and other PS3 launch news at Gamespot

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