Streetsy. Daily streetart. With searchable engine. You can input keywords like "Scarekroe", "Neckface", "Obey", and Streetsy will come up with a lot of urban somethings. It's that good. I never thought someone would come up with the concept. I find it purely delightful. On a side note, the doctor said I should not use the word "delightful" more than once a week, or I might have to watch many episodes of "Magnum P.I." just to regain my manhood.

Speaking of 'hood. Streetsy. Check it out.

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Discover Gnoosic and it will discover you. Simple as that. Input three bands or artists you like listening to, and Gnoosic will come up with suggestions you might like to buy. Some ore old, some are new, but most of them are things you probably will enjoy.

When you find a band you don't know, you can click "Discuss This Band" and see what other users think about it. Fun, easy to use, and will broaden your musical frontiers.

Gnoosic waits for you here.

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You found a great new one-liner for your latest ad.
You tell your art director, who instantly replies:
"Man, that's already been done before".
What? You can't believe someone already thought of those exact words.
These words...they are the epitome of what your brain is going to produce at 3am on a tuesday.
You just don't believe it.
"Wanna bet?", replies your art director.
Shit yeah, you say.

He points you to

AdSlogans and its Hall of Fame section.

And tells you search in "J" for Just Do It.

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I don't know Serge Seidlitz personally, yet I'm sure I could draw a quick portrait of the man: loves confusion, grotesque and absurdity, mixed with flavourful, colourful and vibrant illustration. Loves homemade stuff. Probably has been smoking a bong or two, if only in dreams, with people like Andy Warhol, Terry Gilliam, or anyone working at Rolling Stone magazine - all that while listening to Liz Phair, White Stripes, The Rolling Stones themselves and The Kinks. He must have a crazy sense of humor. His mind must be like this huge toybox in which you throw stuff as kid, and re-discover when you're 30 or so. But like, everyday.

Of course, this is all subjective. But what's not is the work this man produces: you can feel creativity bursting from every stitch, everywhere in there. He's done stuff for MTV, Cingular, Computer Arts, Fused Magazine, Honda, The Cartoon Network, and more. I just look through his stuff and it gives me the profound need to DO MORE.

I call that brain food.

Visit Serge Seidlitz's place here.

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This is simply awesome. At TypeDrawing, you get to create your own crazy bauhaus/80s design type drawing, using a simple and intelligent interface. This is the perfect example of "creating an artistic experience" for the user. In advertising or in art, I salute things that create experiences for people, that draw people inside new horizons they didn't expect to see, and help them connect more neurones together for increased thought harmony. Wow. That sounded good. And I didn't smoke.

Create your own piece of typographic art! Visit TYPEDRAWING.

This is what internet is about. TV shows you can manipulate.

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Today is officially Inspiration Day : where, for no particular reason, I celebrate talent in design and art direction by showing some great work from around the world. You might also consider this some sort of aspirational endeavor to push forward every people's ideas and visions on art and communication.

Without any further oscar-emcee comments, let me start with Virtual Hitman Designs. I actually stumbled on this site by pure chance, and I must say the work there is nothing short of inspirational. Urban themes, unknown faces, consumerism themes, expressive gestures upon silhouttes - sometimes dark, sometimes beautiful. All this composes the oeuvre of Virtual Hitman Designs. To paraphrase a great critic of this first 21st century, mr. Peter Griffin: "This is freakin' sweet".

Check out Virtual Hitman Designs here.

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