I don't know Serge Seidlitz personally, yet I'm sure I could draw a quick portrait of the man: loves confusion, grotesque and absurdity, mixed with flavourful, colourful and vibrant illustration. Loves homemade stuff. Probably has been smoking a bong or two, if only in dreams, with people like Andy Warhol, Terry Gilliam, or anyone working at Rolling Stone magazine - all that while listening to Liz Phair, White Stripes, The Rolling Stones themselves and The Kinks. He must have a crazy sense of humor. His mind must be like this huge toybox in which you throw stuff as kid, and re-discover when you're 30 or so. But like, everyday.

Of course, this is all subjective. But what's not is the work this man produces: you can feel creativity bursting from every stitch, everywhere in there. He's done stuff for MTV, Cingular, Computer Arts, Fused Magazine, Honda, The Cartoon Network, and more. I just look through his stuff and it gives me the profound need to DO MORE.

I call that brain food.

Visit Serge Seidlitz's place here.

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