Streetsy. Daily streetart. With searchable engine. You can input keywords like "Scarekroe", "Neckface", "Obey", and Streetsy will come up with a lot of urban somethings. It's that good. I never thought someone would come up with the concept. I find it purely delightful. On a side note, the doctor said I should not use the word "delightful" more than once a week, or I might have to watch many episodes of "Magnum P.I." just to regain my manhood.

Speaking of 'hood. Streetsy. Check it out.

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2 Reply to "Inspiration Day: Streetsy"

Anonymous on 5:44 pm

what is "scarekroe" what do you mean?


David Claude on 10:33 am

Scarekroe is a graffiti tagger in L.A. and it'd be cool if he did something for AdKrispies there ;)


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