Can your hands do this? (0)

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I'll bet they can't! But then again, some people have a lot of talents on hand. Hahaha, on hand. Get it? Wheee, good times.

(Ahh, it used to be champagne, women and awards. Now it's beer, the old lady and youtube).

Great visual work for Volkswagen by the good people at Grabarz & Partner Werbeagentur, Hamburg, Germany. Production company: Deli pictures postproduction. Personally, I would've pushed this further to have the hands to something that's more in relation to the car universe - right now the concept feels a bit gratuitous, a bit slapped over the brand, a bit borrowed-from-other-interests-to-promote-my-own. You get my point.

(Thanks Luc, at leblogdelagence!)

Feel a bit disappointed by the ending? It's okay, same here. To relieve you and make you happy again, check out this other beautiful thing entirely done by hand. You will thank me.

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