I usually like the TV commercials that ING's agency produces (while I couldn't get a hold of their name) - I think they're always very pertinent, believable, and well executed. Actually, I think most of ING's communication is a lot more pertinent and inviting than most banks (in Canada anyways), and I still don't understand why banks haven't thought of a way to competition such a consumer-worthy system.

Much has to be said in the same way, about their viral site, MoveOutMoveUp. The site's main proposition is to present "buying your first home" as something that's possible, and accessible.

Wow. Something that actually. Concerns. The consumer. No time wasted on trying to con the consumer with "Ooo, ahh, we have a human approach to banking" people pictorials this time.

Just one. Simple. Reality. "Paying rent isn't just getting old, it's getting expensive". Hello. Now THAT speaks to me, mr. early-thirties-guy-with-not-enough-savings-or-balls-for-a-decent-down-payment yet. But as always, ING uses its authentic, bullshitless communication strategy to convince me that there's a solution for that. And this solution is displayed inside an entertaining and clear experience. Now that is effective advertising, plain and simple.

I'll stop gabbing now, but promise you'll check out the ING site. It's worth the trip (Thanks, Ihaveanidea!)

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