I decided to feature this in Inspiration Tuesdays because I thought this general Coke campaign is quite inspiring indeed, and is a well-thought refreshment of the Coke brand.

By now, you have probably seen the nifty Coke Side Of Life animation, where a guy puts a quarter inside a vending machine, and you discover this little big happy Coke-makin world.
This is only one of the many Coke-commissioned ads, created by great animation and design minds of this world. Actually, here's another one of these ads, as featured on YouTube:

What you might not have known, is that there's a colourful website (hosted in Germany) that comes with the campaign, and features interesting interactive bits. I think the website is sparkling with creativity, and is a great example of opening a whole new world for the consumer, and for the brand as well. It looks like anything is possible in there. I like when a brand does more than providing entertainment as means of connecting with the consumer, but adds to it by creating intellectual property in which the consumer will be drawn, will learn to like, and will participate.

Discover the whole thing yourself: Enter the Coke Side Of Life by clicking right here.

On a pleasant side note, it's interesting to know that while the "Coke" side of life is an interesting and aspirational slogan, some people thought of it otherwise.

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