The characters from "Mr. CityMen" are the work of Eric Lerner, a young 3D animator and designer from Jerusalem. The Mr. City Men are Mr DejaVu , Mr Afraid, Mr Fortune, Mr Dreamer and Mr Sunken - all of whom live excentric or surrealistic adventures inside the urban jungle. Featuring outlandish soundtrack by different indie artists, Eric's CityMen animations could be described as the "short lucid dreams of a overly joyous industrial designer", and portray the vivid paradox between the harsh scenery of urban no-man's lands and the careless, colourful Mr. CityMen.

There are 5 movies total, plus awesome wallpapers you can download. View them all, it's incredible work and something that gives you a small virtual vacation at the same time. Great work, Eric. (Thanks, TheCoolHunter!)

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