The first sentence in the "info" part of the Shinybinary website is "Nik Ainley is a UK based web designer who also has a passion for producing personal art and illustrations. After teaching himself Photoshop in his spare time while gaining a degree in physics at Imperial College London...". Now wait a second here. This guy actually taught himself Photoshop "in his spare time" while educating in rocket science, and is now producing incredible illustration work using software (which he probably taught himself as well) like 3D Studio max, Cinema 4D, Bryce, Poser and Xara 3D ? Became listed as the "Top 10 up-and-coming creative talents of 2006" by Computer Arts magazine? Made the top covers of many popular books, websites and magazines ?

Now I call that genius. Talented genius. And there's no denial that, from the care and detail shown in his work, our man truly has passion for what he does.

Nik creates carefully crafted environments, well-defined by any superlative in the dictionnary of modernism. Some creations feature mechanized portraits in knot-like metallic arrays, others feature strange abstract nebulas that loom inside a dark atmosphere, or gigantic cumuli-type clouds in colourful spaces. Waltzing from the abstract to the representative, Nik Ainley seems to have a sculptor's imagination, trapped inside the mind of a crazy impressionist painter.

The results are impressive indeed. Wait no more and check out Shinybinary.

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