Oil of Olay: Undo (2)

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Simple, effective, and apparently, winner of a Lynx award in Dubai. Yay. From Saatchi and Saatchi, Dubai. (Thanks, BriefBlog!)

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Anonymous on 2:20 pm

Hi David,

Good to discover your blog - you've got a nice ad collection going.

I had visited Dubai Lynx and blogged about it, to discover that my blog coverage went on to become the world's most extensive one with pictures, reports and analysis by an attendee.

You're most welcome to come and have a look at what Middle east creative people are up to on my blog here:
Marketing, Advertising & Creativity in the UAE

I think you might like what you see :-)

copywriter, journalist, advertising blogger


David Claude on 2:33 pm

Thanks Farrukh! Your coverage looks great! I'll take some time and check it all out.


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