Now this is something new to me. Everyone in the industry knows how advertising in the fashion and beauty world is usually almost like a white collar job. Shoot models, photoshop them, make them look glamourous, stick 'em on an ad, rinse and repeat. This is especially true in the hair styling business, where most big names have adopted this advertising code of conduct and do not stray from it.

But here comes Matrix Canada with this audacious attempt at a viral marketing experience titled "Color Vendetta". The site actually promotes the launch of the new Shade Memory line of color care products, made specially for solving hair & color problems affecting blondes, brunettes or redheads. The concept highlights this well: A vendetta in itself means personal revenge, in this case, the vengeance of blondes, brunettes and redheads against everything that removes color from their life. Art direction and contents make for an actually entertaining experience, and it truly gives you a feel for the brand. Now I'm not actually fashion inclined or anything, but having seen and produced A LOT of fashion advertising, I can truly say this is a first in the industry. Congrats to Matrix Canada for thinking out of the box. I hope it makes children.
Awesome job from agency Upperkut in Montreal. Click here to visit the site.

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