Useless, Must-Have Gadget: Cube World (0)

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You need something to make account people unwind when they get into your most reverred creative office, because your numerous awards and hulk figurines just won't do it anymore? Try Cube World. Looks like fun? It suuuure is, dear customer. The Cube World Cubes (sold separately, batteries probably not included) feature little stick men that work, walk and do crazy little things aaaall by themselves. But that's not all! Link them together and they INTERACT! IT'S TEH FUTURE, FOLKS! You can even SHAKE them, and the integrated motion sensor makes them wap themselves around their invisible walls! This is crazy. I like crazy.

Available at ThinkGeek for US $30. Watch the telly ad, it's OUTTA THIS WORLD! The acting is also OUTTA THIS WORLD! WOW!

Watching this I suddenly get the urge to wrap myself in my NY yankees blanket and eat Honey Combs in front of the TV and...and pretend it's saturday, and also, I'm 8 years old.

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