Logitech recently launched a viral campaign to promote their webcams. The campaign features funny sitcom shorts about couple relationships and work reality - all tied up with webcam sauce. While I salute the idea of going viral, I feel like it's an incomplete effort. I fell on Part Two ("Our Secret") of the videos on the Adverblog blog, and at the end of that video Logitech invited me to watch Part One ("Working Late") on their website at http://logitech.com/quickcam. Part Two was funny enough to have me want to check Part One out, so I actually headed there. Well (as you will see if you click), instead of the promised video, I'm greeted with a full page, full corporate-format selling pitch on the Logitech Quickcams. Can't find a single link to the video. Wow. Not.

Seems like announcers are slowly getting out of the cold on the fact that its worth investing money in word-of-mouth marketing, yet don't totally grasp how it works. Don't think people will watch one funny lil' movie, then head to your webpage to read your corporate blabber about Quickcams, and go "WOW! I really want to know more about that Quickcam! Actually, I NEED ONE!". *buzzer* Wrong way, josé. People will head to your website looking for the other promised movie, and if they can't find it, or that no content there keeps their interest, that interest goes from 100% to 0% faster than you can say "erectile dysfunction".

If you're going to do viral, assume the decision - don't just throw some bucks into it as a sideshow. Make sure your content is consistent, and that people will experience something authentic and captivating from start to end. For example, instead of sending people to their corporate website, Logitech could've created a page called "Only The Webcam Knows" on which people can post their funny little webcam secrets (rated All Audiences, of course), and also see the Logitech shorts - which they could then send to 5 of their friends. Much better word-of-mouth follow-through.

Anyways, I'm just rambling - here are both videos. Interesting enough to share with friends? You be the judge. (Thanks, Adverblog!)

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