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Most respectable commercial for Microsoft Zune, Bill Gates' answer to Apple's iPod series. The Zune series will be new "it" thing in terms of stealing what's left of your social life - becoming your new "digital lifestyle companion".

Besides the initial Zune mp3/video player, we might be plagued with a microsoft portable gaming console (kind of a portable Xbox), a cellphone, a system resembling Itunes that will actually ease your transition from iTunes to Zune, and proprietary software. The whole Zune system will be made to be a complete, vertically-integrated solution, and not a iPod, iPod Nano, iPod Mini, iPod This and that, iTunes, and iStore multiple combo scheme - which might actually make you feel like you have value for your dollar. Coming soon.

I hate Apple. I hate Windows. SONY, HELP ME!!! Just kidding.

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