The Quebec Milk Producers Federation (FPLQ) presents three new :45 seconds spots in its longlasting campaign "Un verre de lait c'est bien, mais deux, c'est mieux" ("one glass of milk is good, but two, better"), apparently a new format for the announcer, registers Infopresse. While the execution can be strongly linked to the campaign visually, I fear that BBDO Montreal fell into a pit of rather expected and tacky storytelling, trying to reach for our little hearties.

I liked where the old lady's spot was going, but then it all ends in a less-than-original stint (I'm not telling you, I'm leaving it up to you to be umm, surprised - for lack of a better word (but disappointed might do fine)), The two other spots are just badly directed, feature boring and unoriginal stories, and clearly look like bad movie theaters-to-TV adaptations.

Music is also ordinary. I liked it more when Studio Apollo did the score.

In conclusion: blah. Sorry guys, this campaign's a miss. Milk always had something aspirational about it, and a touch of imagination, original or absurd - people don't want to be told another bunch of "reality stories". (Thanks, Infopresse)

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