Funky, powerfully explicit and vibrant colors, images filled with life and almost vibrating elements, social statements and opinionated imagery - sometimes just feelings, sometimes more figurative - and masterpieces you could see gracing the inside of any self-respecting bar in Shibuya, Tokyo - this describes (in surface) the art of Drew Flaherty.

Drew points to this link in his F.A.Q. : Lucid Dreaming - this state of dreaming while knowing you are dreaming - which I found to be most interesting. I take it he inspires himself from lucid dreams (funny, because I had one last night...crazy how we are all connected somehow) to create his highly expressive art - and it truly pays off. I like how he mingles with different media, and how his creations are easy on the eyes, and absorb you inside different little universes.

Drew is available for hire, and he sure is a name I'll keep in my little black book. Check out Drew's website here.

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