Windows just opened up on creativity...and also on us attention-deficient-unless-hollered-by-a-female-species-artificial-intelligence-thingie-called-Ms.Dewey- male crowd. Introducing Ms. Dewey, an artificial intelligence thingie for Windows Live Search.

Ms. Dewey is actually quite the funny, ironic, obnoxious, modern woman, who will comment your searches on Windows Live and help you through the whole experience. And it actually makes it fun. I left Google today, to play with Ms. Dewey.

Of course, being a guy, you all suspect the first thing I was going to ask Ms. Dewey about. You try it yourself and see. I'll let you enjoy the surprise.

The next thing I asked Ms. Dewey, is about "Apple". So I type in A-P-P-L-E and press "enter". Ms. Dewey replies something like: "Zeros and ones, zeroes and ones, ones and zeroes, all this useless coding, underwear on your head, and you still couldn't create the woman of your dreams". Zing! Interestingly enough, I got the same answer after typing "Microsoft".

I like Ms. Dewey. I think searching while accompanied by someone puts more humanity on the face of the World Wide Web. In spite of what everyone says, I have to recognize it's a great idea.
Yes the interface sucks. Yes, the AI needs work, and yes the loading times are tedious.

But not everyone using the WWW is a nerd, you know. I think normal people can appreciate creative ideas, as a step in the right direction to simple, enjoyable user experience.

There are a lot of steps to be taken before Ms. Dewey is made perfect. For a search engine anyway. I hope they keep at it, and push it further. I'm sure Ms. Dewey still has a lot into her.

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