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Now this is quite the beer campaign. Or is it? Like me, you've probably never heard of Bishop's Finger, UK's oldest brewski (since 1698). A bit of info from the Bishop's Finger website: "The Bishops Finger Charter decrees that it is brewed only on Fridays and then only by the Head Brewer using an antique Russian teak mash tun. He takes mineral water from the brewery's own 200 ft deep artesian well and adds Kentish malt from Denne Hill Farm and East Kent Goldings hops". Wow.

Another interesting bit of info, is that Bishop's Finger ale is also referred to as the "Nun's Delight". Case in hand, the creatives didn't have to search too far for this most expected, yet "had-to-be-done" campaign.

Finger applause. (Thanks, 10ad!)

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