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Every year, Dutch electronics giant Philips holds an event titled "Philips Simplicity", where they present their latest high-tech practical concepts and experiments. This year the event was held at the ExCel Center in London's docklands, and apparently put emphasis on "healthy living" and the embetterment of daily household activities.

> ...such as drawing on walls. Philips recently has had this knack with light-emitting sources. Well, behold the "Drag-And-Draw", a light-emitting 'pen' that can draw on any surface, including walls. Thanks to a simple interface, one can also animate the pics that have been drawn, and they can be 'erased' with the click of a button. Instant personal favourite.

>...Hate your old alarm clock? Well how about this soft-wakeup alarm light: it simply starts to brigthen up one hour before you wake up, so you can awake gently and naturally without putting stress on your body. According to GadgetCentre, it will be on sale in France this year, and in UK by 2007. How about Canada? Boohoo.

>...and how about this state-of-the-art hospital examining room? The good people at Philips believe that these examining rooms are often cold and well...unhospitable. The use of colourful lighting and ambient light-patterns could help improve the general mood of patients (as well as doctors), and make the experience less scary. Of course this opens up a gigantic can of worms about practice and vision, but who cares. This is the realm of ideas.

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