As you may know, organic food is currently enjoying constant market growth, and is leading an ongoing fight against industrial foods, OGMs and all those evil by-products. I don't have any canadian numbers, but as for USA (From Wikipedia): "Organic food sales within the US have enjoyed 17 to 20 percent growth for the past few years while sales of conventional food - while still larger in size - have grown at only about 2 to 3 percent a year. This large growth is predicted to continue, and many companies are jumping into the market."

Freerange Studios, based in Washington, DC and Berkeley, CA, have decided to highlight the phenomenon by creating "Grocery Store Wars", a humourous indie short taking reference upon a certain sci-fi movie to expose the reality of the Dark Side of the Farm (industrial foods and OGMs), and how organic foods (the Light side) are the rebellion that will spare no effort to overthrow the Evil Empire. The movie is fun and clever - wait 'til you get to the appearance of "Dark Tater", it's a sure kill- and presents the whole organic issue in a smart and entertaining way. The movie was originally done for the Organic Trade Association.

Watch Grocery Store Wars, and join the rebellion!

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