Honda: The Power of Dreams (4)

Friday, February 20, 2009 by , under , , , is to my knowledge, the only place where you'll find animated shorts *entirely made in flash*, and of *very high quality* while you're at it. Boy will you see talent in there, trust me.

Now, about the "entirely made in flash" and "you will see talent in there" parts of my sentence: Yesterday evening I was struck by flash genius, while at the same time, being struck by animation genius. And while getting maimed by all that striking, I was also struck by storytelling genius, and music genius. Now either that's real bad weather, or I have fantastic genius conductivity.

The source of all that thunderous striking? A short movie titled Honda, The Power of Dreams, by Michele d'Auria Animation Studio. Basically, the story of Soichiro Honda, the founder of Honda Motor Company. Told for the first time. And entirely made in Flash only.

Watch it now. And wear some protection.

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4 Reply to "Honda: The Power of Dreams"

Anonymous on 9:42 am

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT


Anonymous on 9:43 am

Here the making of :)


David Claude on 9:33 am

Thanks for these!!


Anonymous on 10:03 am

This is unbelievable work.


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