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A fresh idea to renew the stagnant (and often costly) universe of stock photography. World, meet PhotoShelter -- it's the "first editorialized, rights-managed marketplace that welcomes photographers of all levels of experience to apply, whether hobbyist or pro". Sone sort of an online rep for anyone with a certain degree of talent, wanting to showcase (and potentially sell) stock photography.

It's pretty simple. Registration is free -- submit your best shots (from 3 to 10 pics) for photo editors there to review. If they get chosen, you are displayed for the world to see and to buy. You get 70%, Photoshelter gets 30% (you are paid on sales only). You retain complete artistic integrity and are able to set your own licensing terms.

PhotoShelter is currently in its pre-launch phase, and they're currently running an open casting call for photographers to apply now (and receive 85% transaction proceeds within the first six months on all work submitted before November 5).

(Thanks, Krista!)

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