Use A Condom: Hindustan Latex (2)

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A series of public interest ads created by Percept Holdings' AMO Communications, India. I seriously doubt these were executed, considering that merely kissing in public is against the law in India -- let alone the public display of graphic interpretations of sexual activities.

Or maybe they were hung in a dark, dark corner. Like, no light at all. No, darker than that. "The devil might appear there" dark.

But hey - great art direction, fun idea, bravo. If you don't get it, write me.

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2 Reply to "Use A Condom: Hindustan Latex"

Unknown on 2:19 pm

Hi, I undestand the first one and the last one, but I'm having problems with the second, maybe it's an expression that I haven't heard before (I'm from Venezuela). Thanks!


David Claude on 7:17 pm

My take: "Blow an ass". A donkey in english can be also referred to as an "ass". But I agree - quite unclear compared to the two other.


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