A few months ago, I posted an article on Inspiration Tuesdays about James Brathwaite , a brilliant artist/illustrator from our beloved yet crispy cold Montréal.

Well recently I had the pleasure of receiving email from James, telling me he just finished his latest project titled "I Met The Walrus" -- an animated short about an interview with legendary John Lennon during his May 1969 bed-in at the Queen Elizabeth in Montreal, conducted by then 14-year old Jerry Levitan -- producer of said animated short.

Directed by Josh Raskin, the short movie presents the original reel-to-reel interview tape featuring James' illustrations metaphorically telling the story, animated by digital motion graphics talent Alex Kurina.

The teaser is now online at http://www.imetthewalrus.com, and if you ask me, promises a movie worth one or two Oscars in the Kickass Brilliant Animated Short category. You read it here first, folks.

I can't wait to see the whole thing. Hopefully I'll be getting an AdKrispies exclusive email interview with James and crew about the production of the entire thing *wink, wink*, and get to post it later on AdKrispies. Stay tuned.

View the teaser, and visit James Brathwaite's web site The Bathwater.

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