Strange but beautiful.

I'm not an art critic -- I usually trust my emotions and not my brains, when I consider art. I cannot explain why some of the things I like, I like. Or if I do, the words won't truly translate what I feel. And this is especially true when I look at the Bathwater collection: The Art of James Brathwaite. Disarming simplicity through naive drawings that tickles your Brain Organ of Oddity Perception (the BOOP.) You know that little twitch in your brain that goes on whenever you look at something paradoxal, weird, or otherwise unreasonable by normal standards? I like that little organ. It's the organ that makes me appreciate circus acts, freak shows or morbid yet artful depictions. When I see these, *boop*. Same thing happens when I mix a balsamic vinegar with olive oil, and dip cheese bread in that. *boop*.

James Brathwaite's art has that effect on me. I look at it. *boop* goes on. I like his semi-narrative, naive illustration style. I like the strange correlations he creates, and trying to figure out the crazy idea behind each illustration. I like art that speaks. And his art really has the gift of gab.

As reported on his site, James is a "semi-hairless ape, who currently lives in his cave in Montreal". His illustrations have been featured in many magazines including Dose, Warrior magazine, Maisonneuve, and he's currently working on a book of medical inaccuracies -- I like the idea, coming from his style I'm sure it'll be great -- as well as an animated short about John Lennon.

I'm not going to ramble on my moments of booping, as reading this might actually make you go *boop*. But I suggest you experience it yourself.

Leonard Cohen eating a Hot Dog. So true, folks, so true.

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