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Seth Godin is a reknowned speaker. He was called "the Ultimate Entrepreneur for the Information Age" by Business Week. He has written quite a few bestsellers as well, among others: Purple Cow, a book about how companies can transform themselves by becoming more remarkable, and Unleashing The IdeaVirus, which is about proving that consumer-to-consumer (or word-of-mouth) interactions provide the best form of marketing for a brand or product.

Seth Godin brings refreshment and innovative solutions to the rapidly decaying world of advertising, marketing and branding. What's more, he has this innate talent at presenting such solutions in vivid terms, entertaining examples and easy-to-understand metaphors. He is the living example of intelligent mass-communication.

Every business offering a product or service should read his books. Every agency creative or exec should have one of these babies resting on their office shelves. It will change the way you see communications as a whole.

Before you run to your local library, here's a video titled "All Marketers Are Liars", featuring Seth's presentation to Google. Also, check out Seth's blog on TypePad.

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