TEEVEE FUN HOUSE DAY: Toyota vs. Water Monster (0)

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You might also remember this earlier spot from Toyota. I wonder how they still managed to make the above idea. I can picture a young junior at (insert Toyota's ad agency here) going: "HEY I GOT A GREAT IDEA WITH THE LOCH NESS MONSTER!" ..."-Forget it Joey, it's been done before. By us." ..."NO-NO, but this...THIS IS DIFFERENT!" ..."-Uh-uh. Why don't you sit down, Joey, and calm down a bit". "WHAT'S THIS PATRONIZING ME ABOUT? I HATE YOU ALL!" .

And somehow, a senior creative found a lonely TV script by the copy machine, and went "Hee hee", and the spot was made.

Somewhere. Somewhere, is the name of a lonely bridge, with a lonely junior on it.

(Boy, I can't believe I (or you) made it this far into this absurd script. On with the show.)

So uhh... TOYOTA!

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