It's always interesting to see what students/juniors are made of these days. And it's also very motivating for senior art directors to see new minds, new ways to approach the design problematic, and fresh styles. Every now and then, by pure chance, we'll see this one, good portfolio that just reeks of talent. Well, I Stumbled on Patrick's page, exactly by pure chance.

Folks, this is one good design portfolio. Well Pat, here's your 15 minutes of fame.

Patrik Berg is a 24 year-old student born in Stockholm, who's now studying design at Hyper Island in Karlskrona, Sweden. Wow. When you're studying design in a place called "Hyper Island", you can't suck. You just can't. Our man Patrik produces awesome work in different design media, exploring print, packaging, cross-application of technology and software, illustration and more.

Indeed, his craft is very imaginative and, if I may add, narrative - a quality I think is essential in any creation of intellectual property. Patrik looks like he has a keen understanding of the bond between form and function, a notion that shows in everything he produces, especially in this group work in which he and his teammates produced a flash game controlled by scratching a turntable, as part of a student project. I didn't do stuff like that when I was in school. I did Bauhaus. Bah.

I cannot say enough good about this portfolio. In the words of an ultimately cool swedish film director, Joakim Eliasson, (which whom I once worked and got this saying I still use nowadays, in a thick Swedish accent) : "To me, it is perfect". If I was a big and intelligent ad agency somewhere in California, or if I was Crispin + Porter (I wish), I'd do me some good and hire this guy now.

Patrik Berg is available for an internship from Autum 06 'til March 07, as he states on his webpage. I've no idea if he's been hired or interned as of writing this, but if you're interested, I suggest you hurry.

You understand that it's now mandatory that you check out Patrik's page ( now.

You can also check out Crew11, the global (albeit very dark) portfolio of all the students at Hyper Island. Man, that name is cool.

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