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I had never seen nor heard about the Sony Mylo (Mylo stands for My life Online) digital companion until I saw a recent Rush Mylo ad, downloaded from an RSS feed on my PSP.

Just a bit about the product itself: The Sony Mylo is a digital tool that's basically a portable broadband communicator. You can use it to surf the internet, check your emails, IM/chat, make voice calls over the internet, listen to music, check out videos and more. No wires needed - you just get connected through a WiFi spot, and get going. I thought there was an integrated camera in there, but apparently, none yet. Pfff. I don't know why people would get this instead of a Sony PSP, which has tons more features, and is about the same price.

Nevertheless, they have this cool new campaign called "Rush Mylo", obviously targeting the golden demographic, youth 18-25. The campaigns mostly feature viral movies about "thumb students" living crazy episodes depiciting college life. You'll find most of these on YouTube, but here are a few anyway.

Among campaign elements, the RUSH MYLO WEBSITE featuring an interactive campus on which you can go about, and discover the life of a Thumb Student, and of course many of the Mylo features.

A MOST TRIPPY CAMPAIGN! I love it. Original and complete, noteworthy, talkworthy, with actual movies you can download and view on your Mylo or PSP. Great work from McKinney + Silver, in North Carolina.

Another great example of... TEH FUTURE.

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