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Microsoft is once again acting like a millionaire's spoiled kid. When they can't have the lead in a particular category, they pout, and they want something BIGGER and BETTER to replace the competition. These days, they're screaming: "I WANT MY YOUTUBE TOO!".

Now, now, Mickey. Big daddy Gates is going to shell out the money, and you will soon be one happy little megacorporation with its new online video community software called SoapBox.

SoapBox will be part of the MSN line of products, replacing the once popular MSN Video (before Yahoo, YouTube and friends came and rained on its parade). Unlike MSN Video, Soapbox will be available for various browsers, including Apple's Safari and FireFox.

With SoapBox, you will be able to:

- Upload videos in almost any format-like from your video or digital camera (maximum file size is currently 100MB);
- Tag and categorize your videos to make it easy for other people to find them;
- Watch original videos and browse for new ones at the same time;
- Set up your own personal RSS feeds for videos you're interested in;
- Use your Windows Live Spaces profile with Soapbox on MSN Video;
- Embed a video on your Web site or blog.

Check out the SoapBox front page here. While the site is still in beta testing, you can request an invitation. The very fruity video they're showing doesn't even play right on my Windows Media Player.

Wow Microsoft! Once again a day late and a dollar short. Bravo! What's next? Microsoft Yellow Pages? Microsoft Star Wars XP? Microsoften Dazs Cookie Dough Ice Cream?

Why don't you think of a good idea, and make it right the first time, Bill?

(*sigh*. Thanks AdAge!)

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