I like this project. I think there's a crazy advertising idea waiting to happen here. Karolina Sobecka had this idea of cars projecting videos of runnings animals, whose speed depends upon the speed of the car. What's more, the projector detects if there's a moving object (pedestrian or else) on the course, and alters the image to that of another animal (symbolically corresponding to the pedestrian's "avatar"). Inspiring. Check out the webpage here (featuring a Quicktime showing the whole thing in motion).

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Anonymous on 9:05 am

If Marcel Duchamp was alive would he be a publicist ?... or when did the publicist convinced himself he was Marcel Duchamp... there is such a thin line between the fascination we have as professionnals and the fact that somehow we are polluting urban life...

- Oh my god, I a publicist, did i just say that ?-

Mike L.


David Claude on 11:58 am

Hey Mike! Thanks for reading. My point of view is that, if Marcel Duchamp was alive, a) he wouldn't consider advertising at such an old age, and b) would tell you there is no such thing as "urban life pollution", the sentence in itself being a paradox.

It's okay to be a publicist. What's not okay is to be an advertiser.


David Claude on 12:05 pm

Cassé :)


Anonymous on 9:51 am

Mike dit : Réparé !

PS : Duchamp is well alive...He's in every toilet-pissing-room !

But then again if it's not okay being an advertiser (wich i completely disagree) How could you justify being a Publicist ?...we're caught between art-creativity and something called marketing... I'm simplifying a delicate question... It would be very interesting to develop it in some manner...an essay, a column... Keep Krispin'buddy



David Claude on 10:36 am

I hope you don't drink from Duchamp's "abreuvoirs"...I hear the water's pretty nasty in there.

Being an advertiser isn't good because you tote yourself as "someone who sells" - I think the term is a bit "old-fashioned". The term publicist is more about "communicating things publicly", which is much more contemporary with the current trends. My two cents ;)

A very interesting essay indeed. I was hoping you'd start working on that soon :)


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