I'm barely old enough to remember these little 2 mins educational snippets from ABC: The Electric Company. Funky flavor, great tunage, I mostly learned my english watching these and Sesame Street (my native language is ze french). The Electric Company was about getting kids ready for the real world. And boy did they do a great job. This clip features Steady Freddy the Freak Who Loves French Fries and Frankenstein, in one of the most powerfully reminiscent display of 70s TV, back in the days when being caught smoking a chairleg meant you should share.

And another one: It Really Blew My Mind. Feel the groove, cat, feel the groove. Planning to get lost in Harlem? Make sure you know the lingo.

And the last one, because u know u love it: The Signage Song. Delightfully semiologic.

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