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In 500 days, Fiat will be launching their new Fiat 500. In a smart gesture full of online-branded-contenty goodness, they decided to launch a website, originally dubbed Fiat 500 on which you have a chance partake in the fun. Your mission: completely create the Fiat 500 brand image, through a series of fun little exercizes.

For example, you have Fiat 500 Wants A Mascot, where you can draw a mascot for the Fiat500 and send it to them (you can check out what people already came up with here). Then, there's 500 Faces, a fun activity in which you send a pic of you and your friends, and have it morphed with a Fiat product. Also, there's also the Fiat Concept Lab, where you'll customize the Fiat500 the way you want her to look.

More activities and fun at .

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Anonymous on 9:42 pm

Hmm I love the idea behind this website, very unique.


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