Redefining the groove: Madita (2)

Tuesday, July 18, 2006 by , under

Deep electro-ambient/latin beats, sometimes blue, sometimes very cinematic (a la Shirley Bassey), an expressive voice reminiscent of Telepopmusique's Angela McCluskey (in a softer way, though), Madita is AdKrispies's latest find and recommendation for your nights of chillicizin'.

Her eponymous debut CD, "Madita" (see left picture for cover), is a pure joy to hear. Produced by Vlado Dzihan of Dzihan and Kamien fame, she was first discovered on their internationally-acclaimed album Gran Riserva.

I can't really go on rambling about how good the album is: check out for yourself. Head to Madita's website for samples of her music, galleries, and more about her.

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