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A great new piece of software from some guys named Codewave, MyTunesRSS is a little application that allows your Itunes to create RSS feeds of your playlists, and let anyone with network access to your computer listen to your playlists through the feed.

What's RSS? Really Simple Syndication. It's a way to publish stuff on the internet, and have people subscribe to the stuff you publish. Podcasts are an example of what RSS is.

So why is this great news? Say you're at home with a PSP, a computer, Itunes and some time to lose. Well you just create a playlist of your fav tunage on Itunes, and have MyTunesRSS create a streaming feed of that playlist that you can ship to your PSP and listen to anywhere in the house. Okay, maybe I'm too excited about this.

Anyway, it's available for Mac or Windows at Codewave.

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