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Hello dear loyal cereal readers.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in such a long time, but I must say I've recently been through a period where I sorta grew tired of blogging about "ads". My blog being titled AdKrispies, this newly formed state of mind caused prejudice to my filling your head with daily advertising and creativity news (yes I did talk about other stuff, but you get my point). While I salute presenting creative ideas and productions, I'm getting at a point where I'd rather communicate my own personal opinions on advertising and communications rather than simply presenting what others do or create.

What's more, there are simply too many advertising blogs. And too many blogs, period. I'm so not unique, I feel like channel 21 on cable. Or 52. You know, that one channel on which you never stop on because you know it's going to have some badly filmed community-interest stuff that's clearly uninteresting (or even if it was you wouldn't stop because of the sheer ugliness), and that you'll most certainly find a good movie on channel 4. Or 22. Now these are hawt little numbers.

I read a recent blog post by Seth Godin, warning us that the "Internet was almost full", and I have to say I smiled at the delicately crafted irony. But reading between the lines, the man is right. We can't follow everything that's going on, simply because there's too much going on. The Internet's full, and so are we. I for one, feel like there are so many advancements online in communications and social media I'm missing - I'm frustrated. I'm having a hard time tracking down and "experiencing" everything, even though I'd want to. I could do this full time, and still be skipping precious breakthroughs.

That's why I'll be shifting AdKrispies' focus: content will shift towards informing you and launching thoughts in the universe. A place for opinions, essays and discussions over the advertising and communications business. Starting next year.

Is this going to differentiate me from other blogs of the genre? No. Am I going to have a kick out of this new format? Yes. Fun over function.

You'll still have those krunchy creativity bits and plump ideas you love throughout, but featuring more vitamins and less sugar.


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