Benetton's global communications platform for 2008 promotes the Birima Micro-Credit program in Senegal, and features billboards showing senegalese workers who have used loans to build their own small businesses.

Photographer James Mollison portrays the workers in a most simple and effective manner, showing them carrying tools of their trade. A powerful image that promotes a multi-layered message: sustainable development, the fight against poverty, and the notion that people of Africa are personally taking matters in hand to work for Africa's future.

Benetton's own research center in communications Fabrica is responsible for developping the creative platform and the Microcredit Africa Works slogan, and also produced this video with world-reknowned singer Youssou N'Dour, titled Birima.

Alessandro Benetton, Executive Deputy Chairman of Benetton Group explains the conviction with which Benetton has backed the project: "We chose to support and promote this important project because, unlike traditional acts of solidarity, it offers tangible support to small local entrepreneurs through the efficient use of micro-credit. Precisely because it is based on entrepreneurial talent, hard work, optimism and interest for the future, this project effectively promotes the new face of Africa."

Read more about Benetton's campaign here.

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