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It was bound to happen. As you may not know, Unilever (the company responsible for making Dove products) is a huge buyer of palm oil - one of the essential ingredients in some of Dove's skin care products. Problem is, palm oil suppliers in Indonesia (Dove's main palm oil supplier) have little (if no) respect at all for equitable practices in cutting down palm trees inside Indonesia's rainforest. Simply said, it's pure forest slaughter. By supporting these suppliers and buying palm oil from them, Dove directly contributes to killing this precious ecosystem, menacing its rare animal and flower species and accelerating the climate change.

Wow, how about a little "evolution", Dove?

Greenpeace has launched an aggressive viral campaign aimed at having Dove upgrade its environment politics and stop rainforest slaughter. "Aggressive" in that, in pure Greenpeace tradition, it parodies Dove's recent "Onslaught" commercial against the commercialised vision of beauty.

First, you can visit the webpage and sign the petition here.

Then watch the Dove ad,

And then watch the Greenpeace ad. Draw your own conclusions.

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