Altoids: A Slap To The Cerebellum since 1780 (6)

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Altoids does it again with two refreshing spots, presenting us more unknown stories about the darker past of the Little Mint That Could. Booo for the 18th century. Thank God for Altoids.

Kudos to Energy BBDO and MJZ.

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6 Reply to "Altoids: A Slap To The Cerebellum since 1780"

Anonymous on 12:53 am

Unfortunately< I am a little dense (besides being a physician). Should'nt it be cerebrum rather than cerebellum?


David Claude on 9:30 pm

A worthy question. I've done my little research:




David Claude on 11:59 am

Conclusion: Cerebellum = wrong. The correct part of the brain is Cerebrum.

That will have the execs at BBDO slapping their cerebrums, because this is the new platform signature replacing the "curiously strong" slogan.


Anonymous on 2:28 pm

David, I seen the ad just last week on TV, was amended to say 'a mint for the cerebellum' I think they removed the 'slap' for more sensitive viewers or folks who do not know their own brain?

Great fun with logos and marketing by Altoids


Anonymous on 2:31 pm

...what made it more personal to me is I was a poster, SARAH BELLUM, on a NBC website and was banned that same week by a bunch of rogue haychewers so to see this ad before the CA Finale was... a slap to their cerebellum....LOL...sweet is mine...


David Claude on 10:55 am

Wow Gayle - thanks for that. I didn't know they actually went and changed their mistake. My guess is they didn't want to change the 'cerebellum' part because it would seem too obvious they acknowledged their goof-up, but I guess that 'mint for the cerebellum' really doesn't make up for it any rate, the slogan sucks.

On a side note, I also like how you said 'sweet is mine'. A most worthy idiom right there.


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