I don't know if you guys had some time to catch Sony Playstation's latest series of ads for the PS2 or PS3 game "Syphon Filter", titled "Advanced Spy Fighting Techniques". It's a hilarious parody featuring spokesperson and action hero "Agent_Kevin_78 a.k.a. Dramahawk", a kinda fat, military-obsessed 20-something kid giving us the low-down on the latest in counter-spy field ops. Great work by the folks over at TBWA/Chiat/Day L.A. and Epoch Films.

What's impressive is the shameless, blatant use of guns and aggressive military techniques depicted in there, which are now sure to spur outrage in the ranks of parents, pacifists, and people out there who think video games are already violent, let alone showing videos of kids handling guns. But Playstation has a track record for being outrageous, and I can only think these folks are the kind of people who would drop their pants and moon an entire audience of christian fundamentalists at the local mass, complete with hairy balls and whatnot. But taking in consideration the audience, let's put on our pimples for a minute and agree that there is some funny in there.

What's also impressive in these ads is that these days, you can produce video material with little budget, and still gather quite an impression -- the "authentic botched look" trend speaks. Some audiences like the authenticity more, the blunt comments and the raw feel. And if you can make a series such as this one, you don't want this on TV. This can only be on teh Internets because you won't fool any gamer by throwing this on TV and trying to give it the podcast look.

Authenticity+Trend Insight= A deadly combo. Now you know! And knowing is half the battle. Go Joe!

(Watch the 3rd one first. Yes, I'm random like that, making you do all those little annoying activities).

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