I have to say I'm a sucker for independent films, black & white, polish accents, vodka and storytales. Needless to say, this online micro-site for Wyborowa vodka struck my chord. There is no V in Wodka is agency Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam's way of carrying the message that Wyborowa Wodka is *the* original, the one and only "Voice of Poland" (I'd remove the "o" in voice).

The experience takes you through many creative vignettes exploring the notion of "the unexistence of the W" in Wodka. If you can stand the long loading times (and I have high-speed internet), you're in for an original world which does a great job at positionning the brand and establishing the "Wyborowa" universe.

I only wish I could also have a glance at the rest of the campaign elements that accompany this online effort. I like to see how campaigns are integrated, and also how the experience translates in the point of purchase. Most likely, this one will translate like this: "Vonderful Sales of Wodka, Dahling".

(Thanks, Adverblog!)

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